We have two exciting programs to offer for Summer 2019!


Program 1 - Summer Football Training - Players entering 1st through 9th Grade.  1 Day a week of Tackle Football Training - NO COST!

Program 2 - 7 on 7 Football PLUS Summer Football Training - Players entering 3rd through 7th Grade. 1 additional day of practice, at least two 7 on 7 tournaments, two custom Jerseys.  Cost is $70

$35 - AAO Fee for 7 on 7

$35 - Two Custom Jerseys


Summer 2019 Football Dates

We will begin our Summer Season in June this year and will run until the end of July.

*There will be some down weeks.

7 on 7 Tournaments will be in July

Please make sure that you review the information below to be prepared

Information for Summer 2019

Be sure that you have completed the following prior to bringing you player to their first practice.


Jerseys for 7 on 7 must be ordered by June 14th -

Things to be prepared for at first practice:

Player should have football pants, cleats, and a practice jersey.  Helmets and Shoulder pads are preferred and loaners that the team has are on a first come / first serve basis.

All parents and players will be required to check in at the table at practice to receive approval to be on the field.

Things to bring with you if  you did not upload during registration:

Copy of your players Birth Certificate

Copy of your players 2018/2019 Report Card

We look forward to seeing you!

Arkansas Super Seahawks Frequently Asked Questions


Summer of 2019 now is your chance to join and be part the 2018 Arkansas Youth Sports Program of the Year. We have award winning coaches, former NFL, NCAA and Semi Pro Athletes, and Youth All- American Players! All Coaches and Staff are 3rd Party Background Checked, are focused on developing champions on the field and in life, while being focused on the players and the community!


Q: What is the Arkansas Super Seahawks Summer Football Mission?

A: Our Summer program mission is focused on player development at all ages and skill levels. We have returning All American Youth players and beginners joining us for the first time and all with one goal to get better!  We will accomplish this goal through 

o Intense D1 / NFL Style weekly practices focused on Strength, Conditioning & Agility

Q: What is 7 on 7 Football?

A:  7 on 7 Football is a fun and competitive passing league.  The tournaments are non-contact, although all players are required to wear helmets.   Participating in a 7-on-7 league offers athletes an exceptional, competitive way to hone their skills.   


Q: How does  the Arkansas Super Seahawks Summer season work and what are the first steps?

A:  We will take all skill levels for players ranging in ages from players entering grades  1-9th: 

o Parent completes registration online. 

o Parent will receive an email by the 3rd week of May with information about our First Practice

o Ensure that if you register for 7 on 7 that you complete your Jersey Order Form. June 10th is the Deadline. 

o At the first practice player and parent arrive and find registration table to check in together and review paperwork completion. If player needs to borrow helmet or shoulder pads they will sign out at the head table. Gear is limited & on a first come first serve basis. If player does not have gear they will not be able to participate in the contact portion of the work out.

o At check in once remaining paperwork is complete, the liability form is signed, the player will get a wrist band showing that they are ready to work out. No player without a wrist band will be allowed to work out on the field including returning Super Seahawks players. 

Note- Work Outs are very rigorous. Please come prepared with your child hydrated and ready to work. At no point should a parent be on the field. If you need to get your child or coach, please work with the head table and they will retrieve them. 

A: You can be Part Time or Full Time! Yes, that’s right, it’s when you can get here! It’s perfect for the dual sport Summer Athlete. Full time Athlete or family with limited availability looking for their child to develop on a limited schedule – we have something for you!


Q: How Much will the Summer football season cost me?

A: We are a 501c3 non-profit sports organization. Our coaches and staff are volunteers and majority of our team funds come from fundraising, sponsorship, and donations. This lowers your costs substantially compared to other sports and organizations. 

Summer Registration Player Cost is FREE.  7 on 7 cost is $70 and includes the AAO Required Fees of $35 and Two custom jerseys (pictured above) for $35.

The only additional cost that you will occur is if your player is playing 7 on 7 they will be required to have Gray Shorts.

We will be unable to offer scholarships for 7 on 7 this summer.

Q: What is the commitment

A: Our Summer program mission is focused on player development at all ages and skill levels. We have returning All-American Youth players as well as beginners joining us for the first time. Regardless of ability, our goal is the same: “To get better!”  We will work with our players to accomplish this goal through: 

o Intense D1 / NFL Style weekly practices focused on Strength, Conditioning and Agility

o Access to Tournaments if you are playing 7 on 7

Q: What days are practices, scrimmages, games?


Tuesdays & Thursdays in Bentonville 


July 20th

July 27th

Q: What happens for Fall?

A: We will start Fall football in summer with an NFL Camp, Team Camps, 7 on 7 Competition and summer developmental sessions. This will build to our Arkansas Exclusive School Team League, Fall Razorbacks Work Out, NFL Cowboys Competition at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas and with your player having a chance to play in the National All-American Bowl which had 240 players across 6 teams from 27 States!

Q: How do I become a coach, staff member or work for the team?

A: Please speak with someone at the head table at either the kick off meeting or first practice.

Q: What is TeamSnap?

A: TeamSnap is the communication tool that the Arkansas Super Seahawks have chosen to use. You will get an invite after you fill your registration out and your player has been rostered on a team. 

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